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2 definitions by mollydolly

A piece of writing so bad, that calling it literature is an insult to other writers in the world. Usually found in college workshops and are written about things the author obviously knows nothing about. Bad grammar and spelling is a must. Mary Sues/Gary Stus are also welcome.
Did you read Zola's story? It was a piece of shiterature! why is she in the creative writing department?

That drek on Fanfiction.net is a collection of shiterature!
by mollydolly April 16, 2008
Nectar of the frat boys, engineering and architecture students, and overworked hairdressers. Said to give you wings. Frankly? It tastes like liquid smarties, which isn't a good thing.
If Fred doesn't have his red bull, he won't be able to pass his business 101 class!
by mollydolly April 16, 2008