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schme is an everything word, pertaining mainly to the words it replaces. schme can be inserted into every day speach as names, information, or even explitives. oh and schme does not mean vagina!!!
"omg he's so like schme!!!!"
"the capitol of north dakota is schme schme no one cares!"
"schme!! i just stubbed my toe"
by molly kay April 11, 2006
penis, the male genitalia, or the male happy place
some guy- " wanna see my poon berries!"
some girl- "no thank you..."
by molly kay April 11, 2006
intercourse between a man and a woman
guy-"mabey tonight you can mix yo poontang with ma poon berries and we can make sweet sweet poon juice."
by molly kay April 11, 2006
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