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55 definitions by molly

To dream.
People use this when they sing..mostly used in slow songs lol.
by Molly January 16, 2004
An inconsious person whom is in desperate need of love
After Sindy broke up with John he became a doober.
by molly November 29, 2003
kill, used by l33t or 1337 people on online games such as cs/ counterstrike
omg its a tk48er, whatch out he is trying to dd152erate us
by molly June 02, 2003
Several meanings include:
Similar to go fuck yourself, go get yourself a slut, or go hang out with your sluts
Anna: Go slut yourslef!
by molly September 03, 2004
it is what counter strike players say instead of lol
48-lol-tk he is a tk49er get hims guys
by molly June 02, 2003
a word used to mean farts or the acting of farting. commonly used with the phrase "stepped on a duck" to mean "i just farted"
hey jade it smells like ducks
what kinda of ducks molly?
the kind alisha just stepped on
by Molly August 23, 2004
my most overused phrase.
who's got the fucking awesome ribbon now!
by molly March 06, 2004