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Literally means Fat Upper Pussy Area. You know you've all seen those ladys who arent fat any where else but right under there gut- and it's falling over their pussy!
Look at that skank with the huge fupa, it's falling over her shoes!
by molly February 12, 2005
a mix between a burp and barf
"ugh yuck, i just burfed!"
by molly February 20, 2004
Pissed off. Angered!
I'm so fucking POed at Bob, because he fired me from Wal-Mart!
by Molly February 22, 2004
hilarious british comedian from bolton, amazing at stand-up, should be given a...nobel prize or somethin???
1. gaaaaarlic...........bread????
2. booked it, packed it, fucked off
3. im not homophobic - im not scared of my house!
by molly January 07, 2005
It mean's "fuck" in Cambodian
Joi! That bitch is crazy!
by Molly March 06, 2005
An awesome Awesome Show! Ya gotta see it on Tuesdays 9/8c on Fox starting in mid - October. I just think Jack is so Handsome!
24 should have won all the Emmys.
by Molly September 02, 2003
1. N. a crazy, sweet, funny, and wild girl. she lights up a room when ever she walks in and has the ability to make everyone smile.

2. Adj. able to make everyone laugh
1.Katy is like the sun, shining into the room and making people laugh.

2.Oh my gosh! You are such a katy! That joke was hilarious!
by Molly November 23, 2004

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