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Lucaceous is when your vetching (see vetch), on a 24-hour adderrol and Obama bender, smoking your 30th cigarette of the day, and you look into the half-open window across the alley and see your neighbor's big fat ass.
Person A: "Oh my GOD! I just saw my neighbor's big fat ass!"
Person B: "Man, that is lucaceous!"
by moldy anus November 05, 2008
(noun) A large silo strategically designed to store cotton balls.
Old Man Riley: "What the chiminey-shakes?! I just filled the teppeler last harvest!"

Mrs. Riley: "Oh, dear, I forgot to mention little Suzy miscarried again."
by moldy anus November 05, 2008
(noun) The dried toothpaste that remains in the sink.
"Man, I've been so broke I've been living pinglerinks for the last three months"
by moldy anus November 05, 2008
(noun) the dried speckle of poo left under one's fingernail after one is wiping one's ass and one's finger goes through the toilette paper. Also applicable to anal fingering.
Girlfriend: "Your fingernails are fucking disgusting!"

Guy: "Damn pestlers!"
by moldy anus November 05, 2008
(verb) To sneak into an Old Folk's Home and switch the oxygen/resperator tanks with the compressed fart-gas of thirteen Nebraska Ironworkers, then dressing like a clown and handing out fortune cookies with bible passages scrawled in red letters on the fortunes.
"No, I don't think that's wierd. My ex used to dongarent on thursdays at Willow Lakes, but he had to quit because of a Nebraska construction disaster ruined his fart-gas hook-up, and clowning around with bible-fortunes sort of lost its splendor I guess after that..."
by moldy anus November 05, 2008

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