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1 definition by moii <33

Decently written but slightly overrated book series by Cecily Von Ziegesar. These were perhaps the first books to describe the lives of wealthy, slightly screwed-up young adults, but they were certainly not the last. Many similar series have followed, including The Clique, The A-list, and Private.
They are very popular among girls who dislike reading, because they describe a glamorous world and reading them is very wish-fulfilling. However, they've got plenty of literary references in them that sail over the heads of most teenage readers.
They're more or less well-written, give credit where credit is due, but let's get one thing straight: they are not great American literature or anything.
Obsessed and slightly dippy fangirl: I looooove the gossip girl books, they're soooo high lit.

Nice, normal person: they're all right, but perhaps you just wish you were Serena?

Obsessed and slightly dippy fangirl: nooooo! they're deep! they're high literature!

Nice, normal person: yeah... keep telling yourself that.
by moii <33 April 20, 2008