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Instant and sudden removal of a facebook friend from your news feed due to a dumb, irrelevant, inane, or otherwise objectionable status update.
Facebook friend on news feed's status update: "Is CONEY ISLAND stylin!!! Gonna be 105 degrees 2day, def on that Q train to the beach!!! happy bday shoutout to my dude Quichua!!!"

Facebook user: "Ugh. That's a feedkill."
by Moggraider July 24, 2010
The euphemism for a large or obese person. Soon to be adopted by airlines who have to be careful not to overfill their flights.
"Oh man. Last week, I had to sit in a middle seat between two people of size. It was not pretty."
by Moggraider February 19, 2010
An opportunity for product placement in a mass media production.
Corporate sponsors of TV shows force their products into the show all the time, exploiting every possible advertunity.
by Moggraider August 01, 2009
A psychologist or psychiatrist, esp. one tasked with psychological evaluations.
Here's a file on Dr. Manhattan. Let's see what the corporate headpeepers say.
by Moggraider July 24, 2009
A student taking a class on a pass/fail, or satisfactory/unsatisfactory, grading basis. Such a student can get away with putting very little effort into a class.
Yeah, we're all p/fuckers. We're a pocket of incompetence in the back of the classroom.
by Moggraider February 10, 2010
What Senator Max Baucus calls a video camera.
At a conference, Baucus noted some teenagers "with YouTubes" and posited they were paid protesters from out of state.
by Moggraider August 19, 2009
In TV production, especially soap operas, the pages of a script that occur during dream sequences or coma fantasies are colored pink. The alternate color of the pages reminds all involved that these events don't actually happen in the storyline of the soap.
On The Simpsons, Moe's facelift was an example of a "pink pages" sequence.

On House M.D., House's sex scene with Cuddy was a "pink pages" sequence.
by Moggraider May 12, 2009

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