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A group of annoying religeous fanatics who come to your door to attempt to convert you to their pathetic religeon. Usually having no respect for anybody else but their own scewed beliefs about how they can become gods, and in the case of the mormons, racism and polygamy.
-Immune to logic
-Wears a suit and tie usually
-Funded by massive religeous projects that rip money out of the poor dumb people who follow them
-Travel in groups of 2 usually
-Extremely stupid, and they often sacrifice a whole 2 years of their lives (thats 2% of your life if your optimistic).
Hello there, we have come to tell you about some great news! Fact of the matter is, you can be IMMORTAL! you can actually FLY and make black people pick cotton for you. just JOIN our religeon. DO IT NOW OR DIE! WERE A MISSIONARIES!
by mogel September 25, 2006

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