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Also known as slagland. Girls of 10 wearing orange foundation and dresses just covering their bumbum's go here for a good old night out.
'oiii, man you wanna go ignite tonight?'
'naaa mayne, ignite's shit i'm jammin up oceana init'
by mofoka_x March 23, 2009
A variant on saying shit. In my mind a more exotic exciting way of swearing.
Oh, shitson! I've only gone and left my didgeridoo at Keith's
by mofoka_x March 23, 2009
A town just north of london, which you can guarantee no-one has ever heard of, lovingly known as berko.

On youtube there is a song called berko, berko, showing the roughest parts of the town; it's fucking immense.

It is certain you will kill yourself or any other fucker at the amount of boredom in berko.

Earlier spellings included Berkhampstead, Muche Barkhamstede, Berkhamsted Magna, Great Berkhamsted and Berkhamstead.

Upper classes know not to venture to tesco metro on Friday nights, due to the thieving youths hanging around the outside of the supermarket.
'Darling, we've run out of poached salmon, and Marks and Sparks is shut, shall we go to tesco's?'
'Don't be ridiculous, you know what berkhamsted is like on a Friday night, we'd be skinned alive!'
by mofoka_x March 23, 2009

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