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The collaboration of Jack Barakat of All Time Low and the clothing line Glamour Kills. It was launched in January of 2009. There are various hoodies and t-shirts you can buy.

JA = Jack
GK = Glamour Kills.
Person 1: Who is that pop-art person on your shirt?
Person 2: Jack from All Time Low. JAGK is so badass.
#all time low #jack barakat #glamour kills #pop art #maryland
by modernxlove June 14, 2009
The incorrect spelling of "Billie Jean", a 1983 hit song by Michael Jackson.
Person 1: omg, I <3333 the song billy jean!!! it rox~
Person 2: Learn to spell.
#michael jackson #thriller #billie jean #pop #jackson 5
by modernxlove July 08, 2009
Extremely gross.
Person 1: What do you think of Billy?
Person 2: Ew, are you serious? He is so groass.
#gross #ass #groass #ugly #balls
by modernxlove June 23, 2009
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