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something not popular in today's society.
12 year old girl: "OMG!!! JUSTIN BIEBER!!! =D"
Normal person: *changes station whenever he comes on the radio* "God, wheres all the good music lately..."
by modernmusicisstupid August 12, 2010
what happens when an artist's or band's songs go from happy and normal to angry most or all of the goddamn time. It is the reverse of selling out
Ed: "What happened to Blue October?"
Mike: "Oh, they just got the Pink factor. They went from love songs to wanting to stab people."
by modernmusicisstupid June 25, 2010
someone who is mostly normal but goes into huge overreactionary fits and phases of being a complete asshole.
Jerry's normally cool, but when he plays basketball he's a spazzhole
by modernmusicisstupid January 19, 2011
when a guy closes a zipper on the head of his dick.
Ted (holding himself): Owwwww!
Billy: What's wrong with you?
Ted: I zipperheaded myself when I went to the bathroom...
by modernmusicisstupid July 14, 2010
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