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A person of high school age, typically white and invariably born to an upper-class or upper-middle-class family. Will, upon reading Atlas Shrugged at the recomendation of randroid friend, believe their comfortable position in life to be attributed to their own efforts, talents, and imagined superiority, instead of the five to six-figure income of his parent(s).

If interested in politics, randroids make a point of vocally berating any forms of socialism, not thinking twice of saying people who can't get by without some sort of welfare don't deserve to live, within earshot of students who have after-school jobs out of necesity.

The randroid affliction sometimes lasts into college, depending on whether or not the afflicted recieved a trust fund from their parent(s). If so, randroids can be identified at this point by their difficulty in holding things with their hands, due to the near-total absence of friction caused by a lack of anything resembling calluses. If not, they cease being randroids by getting a job and a sense of humor.
That randroid said me and my family was scum when he saw my mom paying with food stamps, so I gave him a swirly.
by moderation September 02, 2006

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