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An expert douche bag and career loser that brings a certain professionalism that lacks in douche bags of an lower order.
Look at Douche Bannigans stinkass lying on que about places he's never been, bitches he's hasnt fuck and people he dont know...
by Modenasolone June 05, 2008
1.) Weak ass lies or attempted cons 2.)A bullshitting ass excuse (usually from a woman).
Guy: Damn, so what happen to you this time last night? Cant call?

Chick: I was sick... And I got fired yestesdey... and I forgot..

Guy: Yo, quit with the fuck games you simp-ass bitch
by modenasolone June 02, 2009
A Douche Bag thats 60 years old and up.
Dick Cheney aka Papa Douche
by Modenasolone June 05, 2008
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