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Someone who likes to be naked while on the phone
I rang my friend and said 'What are you wearing?'. 'A smile' she said. She's such a telenudist!
by mobri April 01, 2009
Generically named for the first day of the year where the weather is good enough for light tops on girls, but still contains the odd gusty wind which can take nipples by surprise causing unexpected nippilus errectus to the enjoyment of men everywhere.
Happy Tit Thursday Anton. To think, on Monday this week was looking so bleak!
by mobri March 28, 2011
The amount of uncontrolled farting
Christmas Pudding is consumed for increased fartiness. It is all fine and well, but if eaten after proper maturity of approx 3 months it has better crumbliness and decreased fartiness.
by mobri December 22, 2009
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