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An empath is a person who is gifted in senceing other peoples emotion and is aloud to feel outher peoples pain to help cope and to help heal withothers emotional scares
girl: u just hit me in the face and i didn't feel a thing

dude: *taps girl on shoulder* u might not of but i sure did *rubs side of face*
by mobid weasle March 16, 2005
goose latin is a language spoken so that only frinds that understands it's secrt code can under stand what it means
thabis abis sabo wabirabed haba haba haba
by mobid weasle March 11, 2005
a really soft pillow that feels real awsome u practicly sink into to it and squishy's rock
I bought a squishy pillow the other day and its like the best pillow ever
by mobid weasle March 16, 2005
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