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a female who demands you to finesse your lingo
the convo was kinda live, until she went all madame editrix on my azz!
by moanman May 11, 2005
vigorous yet skillful sexual intercourse
no soft kisses or smooth finesse, homeboy was nailin' dat azz, yo!
by moanman May 11, 2005
to go w-a-a-a-ay beyond the expected. to exceed one's potential
Face Depina might've started out po, but in less than 3 years homeboy quested, yo!
by moanman May 11, 2005
artificially sewn in hair extensions
wifey came back from the saloon, lookin' all beweaved & whatnot
by moanman May 11, 2005
to fall on hard marijuana times... utimately, hard times in the ghetto
with no means, & no fresh cheeb in sight, we were stuck roachin' it on a friday night.
by moanman May 11, 2005
a late-night call for some serious phone-bone-- to completion
friday night was kinda dry, until a little bluemoaner got the party started, wetly.
by moanman May 11, 2005
Friend(s) Of (the) Carpet: a lesbian american
we partied at the strip club but most of the chicks were strictly FOC, yo!
by moanman May 11, 2005

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