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just when the sun setting and the sky turns every single color of the rainbow.
wow! this abitago is beautiful, the sky goes from dark blue to purple to yellow to orange to pink then to a deep red, amazing.
by mo dumps January 09, 2009
the act of attemping to cook some sort of food but while doing so the outside gets burnt but the inside isnt done yet.
these perogies are burnt but the inside is still cold, you shuggled my dinner!
by mo dumps January 09, 2009
when someone cuts all the branches off of a tree but leave them all untouched at the very top, most common are pine trees.
your neighbor has a pine tree close to their house and doesnt like it rubbing on it, so they cut off all of the bottom branches except the top ones so that the bottom of the tree is left bear and is now considered a yout tree.
by mo dumps January 09, 2009
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