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to knock on the door and run lika motha fucka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mike:hey yo dawg wanna go nigga knockin
sam:yea man but u gotta run fast so the people dont see us
so run!!!!!!!!!!!
mike:we out homes
by mo bro March 07, 2008
something that comes out of ur anus and into the toilet
hey man are we making la poop today yes we are jus poop out of ur anus and there u go
by mo bro March 08, 2008
like saying hi but the bad way bro
asalamalading dong sam
asalamalading dong mike
by mo bro March 08, 2008
a word meaning dick thats right homes.
i stuck my zub all in the ladies face hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
then she said thats so cool man we out dawg west side
by mo bro March 08, 2008

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