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1. An act to get one's self into the entertainment industry.

2. A Reality TV show in the future that partners C-list celebrities with professional porn stars. Each week, they'd do a different position and be judged by three judges. The audience at home would then call in to vote for the couple that had the best performance of that intercourse position. Kind of like Dancing with the Stars.
1a. Kevin Federline was definitely fucking with the stars.
1b. Flavor Flav just found out that Bee-Ex was fucking with the stars.

2. Fucking with the Stars will debut on HBO 5 years from today.
by mnihnuht March 13, 2008
A cheap cosmetic makeup that makes a girl look hella ugly.
Girlfriend: Hey Boo, how do I look?

Boyfriend: Dammmmnn, G! Wash yo face off of that Oil of Uglay!
by mnihnuht March 10, 2008
The Republican party and John McCain's slogan or catch phrase in the 2008 presidential campaign.
If you want to put the country first, then you should embrace change and say "Yes We Can", then vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.
by mnihnuht September 02, 2008
Mitt Romney's gaffe when he talked about asking women's groups for potential Cabinet candidates. But you can feel free to misconstrue it as his way of condescendingly calling a group of women as if they're his whores.
Yep, when I was a governor of Massachusetts, I got binders full of women.
by mnihnuht October 17, 2012
Senator John Kerry's sorry-ass slogan in the 2004 campaign for presidency against the incumbent George W. Bush.

The cheasiest slogan one could ever use to win votes.

A very bad cliche that should never be spoken nor written.
After listening to his bullshitt for 15 minutes, the audience started chanting after Senator Kerry: "Help is on the way!"
by mnihnuht March 13, 2008
Nickname of Senator John McCain (Rep-AZ), bestowed upon by several publications because of the hot temper he exude when being asked questions by reporters.
Reporter: "Senator McCain, did you have a conversation with Senator Kerry in the 2004 election?"

Senator Hothead: "Yes, bitch!! You know damn well I did!! Now back the fuck off!!"

Reportor: "To follow up, what did you guys talk about?"

Senator Hothead: "Bitch, it was a goddamn private conversation!!"
by mnihnuht March 07, 2008
An expression to downplay the fact that one's given speech is not original, that it's borrowed from someone else without crediting that person at the time of the speech.
Clint: Hey, I know the speech that you gave was not yours! You stole it from Patrick.
Olala: Just words... But you did the same thing with yours too. Don't lie!
Clint: Just words...
by mnihnuht February 18, 2008

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