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the lone normal person in a room full of crazies; level-headed
I felt pretty Savin in that office. Those people are nuts!
by mn4life May 03, 2006
moving about as though without any real purpose, but still on top of things; flying under the radar
He has a natural sense of badalato...he really knows what's going on.
by mn4life May 03, 2006
someone who needs very little sleep for survival purposes, but still maintains the cheeriest of demeanors.
Jessie is the most slenker person I know. I think she sleeps maybe five minutes a week but still greets you with a huge smile!
by mn4life May 03, 2006
to promote a laid-back atmosphere; to experience euphoric joy at the win of your sports team
He really d-murphed the other day when the Yo Mets! team won the intramural championship.
by mn4life May 03, 2006
1. knowledgeable in a wide variety of fields, especially language 2. to desire another's wife
1. He is really an elias and can offer you a long lesson on at least seven languages. 2. His elias for Mrs. Tiefenthaler is actually quite humorous.
by mn4life May 03, 2006
one who is repeatedly flaunted in their desire to go out dancing by other committments.
I got hurwitzed last night when I could have been out with my friends. Such a downer!
by mn4life May 03, 2006

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