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City in Western Massachusetts, Very central town, Two hours to Boston, Three to NYC, its small and diverse, 3 rival highschools ( Taconic, PHS, St.Joe )
Taconic-chill PHS- reject gangsters SJHS- nice,private school, with crazy,partyin kids, aka best school, Pittsfield AKA PITTY or The Pitts is a fairly large town in which has various sections of beautifulness, sexyness, and wtf-ness. Pittsfeild is known for having ghetto areas, and also known for having some of the illest houses in the 413. There is really nothing to do at all in this town, so teens usually end up drinking,smoking and the rich kids end up driving around in there insanley nice cars while intoxicated. Unfortunate but true.
Mark: Hey lets go to Pittsfield!
Dick: OKAY! since its better than here, LETS GO!
by mmmmmmhmmmmmm March 19, 2009

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