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Quite possibly the worst rapper of all time, yet claims to be a "superstar hip hop artist". His songs are so horribly written and full of broken-English than even Soulja Boy fans can't take them seriously. Hailing from Sudan, apparently, and currently residing in Melbourne, AUS, this young man has had a little too much time (and most likely cash) on his hands judging by his green-screen music videos. Bangs has recently gained popularity via YouTube for the viral video to his ...ahem.... new hit single “Take U to Da Movies”.
Worst part is, this kid is completely serious.
"Da good news is I recorded a best song call Let Me Get Dat last week da beat is produced by producer Chris when I listen to it was crazy. Wan I was at home I wrote about 2 songs but I didn’t record it yet but I’ll put it in my next Album.

In da meantime, I just play PS2 chillin with my friend and I like to watch cartoon at da same time, specially Pokemon because its my favourite."
by MMjr November 02, 2009
When your pubes get stuck in the zipper of your pants
"Uh oh, my pubes just got eaten by a rusty lawnmower"
by MMjr April 21, 2008
When you eat Captain Crunch with whiskey instead of milk. Usually influenced by a hangover.
"Zack slept over my house after the party, and when I woke up, I saw him eating a bowl full of crunchy grandpa. Freaking gross"
by MMjr April 24, 2008
When a male goes to zip up pants, and the zipper gets stuck on your dick
"Oh man, I just got a metal dracula. @#$#%!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by MMjr April 21, 2008
After a couple has been dating for 6 months, it is now safe for them to have sex, and not regret it.
"Mark and Jamie had sex!? But they forgot the 6 month rule! Oh shit!"
by MMjr October 15, 2008
When someone is drinking beer/alcohol/etc, and someone else jumps on their back like a backpack and forces them to chug the beer. Usually done with two people at a time. Whoever gets the beer down first is the winner. The beer guzzler usually goes insane.
Kristen totally beat Kelly at the backpack race last night. Tubby lost his mind he drank so fast.
by MMjr May 26, 2008
when you skip class/work on a Monday, and then you have an absolute crapload of work to do the next day.
"I'm thinking of staying home on Monday, but then I'll have to endure fat tuesday"

"It wasn't work skipping class yesterday cause now it's fucking fat tuesday! Shit!"
by MMjr March 24, 2009

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