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Pullaramos is when you are infamous for consistently doing something late or beyond the deadline. Not just being late once, but repeatedly and consistently, in that it's become an expectation. What makes this unique is when one does a pullaramos, it's always using the same excuses. It's the "Infamous pullaramos"
It's 2:04pm and we are still waiting for one last entry before we can proceed. Did Mike pullaramos again? Geez - ALRIGHT just this last time!
by mlpie70 January 14, 2011
When a single vehicle occupies more than one space in a parking lot
Mary: "Hey! That looks like an open space over there!"
John: "Yeah it sure does! Oh, wait, that's a dickspot. That truck is taking two spaces so that one is not available"
by mlpie70 April 26, 2011
While skiing, one might assume a fresh blanket of snow is of fluffy fresh powder conditions, although upon entering the snowy-looking area, it is found to be crusty and / or have very little coverage underneath.
If it wasn't for the powdeception today, I would not have landed on that rock and banged up my knee.
by mlpie70 November 22, 2014

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