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The occurrence of taking a hot dump precisely after a shower. The bathroom is hot and humid thus creating a wet and sloppy experience. Common side effect includes sweating profusely

A post shower is typical

Swamp as may be experienced while going commando on a hot day, playing basketball, sitting in a sauna, swimming, or tanning
Man I have swamp ass!
Dude don't take a hot steaming dump after a shower!

I though I would cool down by going commando today, but it gave me a bad case of swamp ass.
by mlk34 April 01, 2010
What homos call there asshole.

Also called their Adam Lampert, Ryan Seacrest, Big Bird
Please put that ragging hard cock in my butt-hole

my lady gaga ass pussy is so chaffed right now
by mlk34 April 01, 2010
When a homosexual has been participating in to many homosexual actives he has received aids. He there for is so gay he has aids.
San Francisco is gay as aids. There are so many homosexuals in the San Francisco Bay that have aids.

John wants to hang out with his girlfriend instead of playing basketball. He therefore is gay as aids.
by mlk34 March 29, 2010

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