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A Gaelic name meaning "The Master of Sex" given only to the most masculine of men. By law, a child may only be named Aleister if his penis exceeds 1/2 a foot at the time of birth. As a verb, "to Aleister" means "to fuck the shit out of" or "to effortlessly cause multiple orgasms in women. If a man named Aleister sleeps with a virgin, she instantly turns into a nymphomaniac whore. The name Aleister has been derived into the English word A-Lister.
"Aleister sure lived up to his name last night, he made me cum four times"

"That damn neighbour boy Aleister'd my daughter... she was a virgin, now she gets passed around like the town doobie.
#sex #man #big dick #alister #a-lister
by mlap1019 August 12, 2012
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