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A reply to a forum post question which suggests against said action or suggests a wildly variable option while completely disregarding the limits placed on the problem by the original poster
OP: How do I reset my IP address without rebooting my computer
Waska1: Just reboot your computer
Waska2: I wouldn't reset my IP, i would just wait until it does it on its own.
by mkultra January 23, 2013
v. - To accidentally or purposely rub your breast against someone else.
Susie breasted me when she came out of the break room.
by MKUltra February 19, 2008
"Busting All Kinds Of Nuts"
Sleeping with the same person multiple time, or having sex with different partners.
A guy bragging to a friend would say:
"Bruh I be bakon" (busting all kinds of nuts) the friend would respond "bruh you ain't getting none"
by MkUltra December 29, 2014
An oversized 'butt plug'. See 'Butt Plug'
You, me, the Butt Monster. Saturday night. Be prepared
by MKULTRA July 07, 2013

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