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A whole bunch of ridiculous rebelling punks. Their fucked up religion was founded by fucktard called Anton LaVey.

Satanists thinks that they're their own god, and that they don't need to be "saved" and what not.

Satanists are typically teenagers, because they want to rebel against their parents, society, laws and rules, but there're actually many adult satanists, which makes their religion even more ridiculous. These adult satanists are even more fucked up than their younger counterparts.

Satanists are fucknuts and they hate christianity, which they view as subjugating and enslaving religion. Satanists wears black clothes, listens black metal (which sucks ass, btw), and just acts like a rebelling bunch of teenagers and idiots, what they actually are.

Most satanists are also faggots.
Normal person #1: "Hey, you heard that Mike is satanist?"

Normal person #2: "Yeah, i always knowed that there was some level of retardness in him..."

Normal person #1: "Me too. But it looks like we were wrong."

Normal person #2: "How? You like those satanists?!"

Normal person #1: "No. I mean he's even more retardned than we thought!"

Both: *Laughs*
by mkgghu September 06, 2007

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