2 definitions by mkannieex

If a kid who gets whatever he or she wants, that kid is spoiled. A lot of well-off families spoil their kids.
Sometimes this is filmed and shown on MTV for a laugh.
Girl 1: guess what, I finally worked enough hours to get a used car!
Girl 2: *smirk* Used? I got my first car when I was nine and it was new.
Girl 1: spoiled fuckin brat.
by mkannieex March 14, 2008
the piece of skin over the opening of a vagina that boys have to break through when they deflower their girl.
johnny: so..since it's your first time, how do you want it?
casey: oh, i broke my hymen last summer with a cucumber, so let's just get to rammin'!
johnny: sweet!
by mkannieex March 14, 2008

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