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stupid bitch age 10-16 who pisses the hell out of everyone with her home-dyed hair (all patchy and half bald), stupid lasenza girl shirts and thongs and vocabulary (reduced to lyke, and OMGz).
teeny bopper: lyke OMGz! DiD yOu heeR mA hoMeGrrL BriTTanY'zz gOtZ a NeWz bf?
other respectable girl (a.k.a. me): did you hear i have a .45 i could shoot you in the fucking face with, bitch?
teeny bopper: LYKE OMGZ! *runs to her pink bedroom with walls covered in jesse mcartney to suck her thumb and molest her teddy bear* (if not, than her boyfriend, who's a nineteen year old dropout.)

i hate them.
by mkanniebitch November 19, 2007
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