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A tattoo, usually located at the base of a female's (generally one of loose character) neck. Used to identify said female during heavy drug induced doggy style sex.
Chad was so stoned, the only way to he was able to remember the bitch was by her license plate.
by mjoblio May 31, 2004
A common tattoo located at the lower back of some females. Basically to direct a (stoned) male where to put his genitalia.
Without seeing Lisa's traffic sign, Chad would have been to stoned to find her pussy.
by mjoblio May 31, 2004
People who by nature of their naivete, drive hybrid autos, enjoy the odor of their flatulence, (Oops, that was originated by South Park) and generally are so delusional as to think they are superior to everyone else. They also are firm believers in AlGore's preachings (disregarding the fact when taken into comparison with other individuals, Mr. Gore contributes more to the alledged environmental problem.)they also fall for the stories of numerous Hollywood types who claim they are environmentally conscious.
I find it real interesting how fakes like DeCaprio appeal to the econerd when they see him driving his Prius, but little do they know he is driving it to his private jet-what a bunch of tools!
by mjoblio June 16, 2006

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