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An emotion not unlike depression brought on by the realization that you voted for Obama due to white guilt, and now you're going to get screwed because you're not "ethnic enough" for change.
Larry the anglo-american construction worker finds out his firm is letting him go for more "ethnic" workers as part of a bailout package his employer and union will be receiving. It doesn't matter that the people being hired are underqualified, they're the right color. He's experiencing an "O-bummer".
by mja2001 January 26, 2009
An economic system built by Barack Obama to crash free enterprise economics and crush market forces in favor of a "from the top down" restructuring of a country into a welfare state.
By printing trillions in new currency and changing voting rules in order to pass massive entitlement programs under the guise of "healthcare reform" that have no hope of ever being funded, President Obama's new O-conomy can destroy the free markets and start to transform the country into a new era communist state where the government controls all critical needs of the people- Which he thinks is good as long as his party is in charge, because they know best... because they say so.
by mja2001 August 18, 2011
The act of destroying lame merchandise marketed and sold to idiots.

Named after a tween that dared to mock other tweens by tearing up posters of a talentless tween boy named Justin Bieber, on youtube. Perhaps not a smart move, but funny.

A twihad ensued, started by hormonal unbalanced tween wanna-be video sluts with too much time on their hands and no parental supervision.
Tween retard 1: OMG, like, I can't believe the Giants are losing again, what's up with the Kung Fu Panda swinging at anything pitched to him?!

Not as retarded Tween 2: Like, I dunno... I'm totally pulling a Sydney Dalton on all my Pablo Sandoval crap at home. I'm even trashing those stupid panda hats that make people look like retarded mice.
by mja2001 September 07, 2010
A holy war declaired against anyone that disagrees with tween-aged girls or disses their crappy movie tastes, music, fashions, etc.

Teen girls are unbalanced, they go apeshit over little things. They will kill you for thinking the icons they've been told to love are lame. This hate is what causes them to wage a twihad against you.

Parents are common targets of twihad.
Tween girls launched a twihad against Sydney Dalton for tearing up Justin Bieber posters on youtube that included death threats.
by mja2001 September 07, 2010

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