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A person who spends majority of their days, weeks, summers, and any other amount of time at a mall. They fuck with pedestrians, mooch off of everyone, and just start trouble in general. Picture this: A person hangin' by the arcade smoking a stoge with ripped up converses and a pissed off face. Someone else will run up to them and say "Hey, free chocolate by the left entrance", and in about five minutes you can see about 20 kids all dressed up with clothes ranging from short skirts to baggy tripps runnin' back up to the same spot. Each with some chocolate. Basically if there is a mallrat, they are wellknown by anyone that is at the mall. Some are more popular than others, but that's besides the point. Mallrats usually hook up with eachother. And goths are usually the biggest whores. Some excel in ITG and DDR while others excel at beating up their friends enemies. Whether it be Willowbrook or Palisades, any mall will have it's mallrats.
mallrat 1: Hey wanna get a stoge
mallrat 2: Nah man, I'm up next for DDR
mallrat 3(out of NOWHERE): Hey anyone wanna verse me in Air Hockey?
mallrat 4: I was hoping we could hit the food court.
by mizu shibuki April 27, 2006

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