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The feeling that you must remove some of the alcoholic bottles/cans from your recycling bin because you fear the neighbors reaction to the amount collected since last Monday morning and today is Thursday.
Husband: Wow, I didn't realize we drank so many beers during the week. Half the recycling is bottles.

Wife: Why don't you take some of them to the grocery store recycling, I can't handle the curb shame from the older neighbors who walk their dogs by the house early in the morning.
by mixgochix October 05, 2011
Adjective: The green color around the white parts of your shoes, like the toes of Chuck Taylors, the first time you use them to mow the lawn.

Noun: A tennis shoe with green on them after you mow the lawn for the first time in those shoes.
Example 1:

Beau: "Oh man! I forgot I was wearing my new shoes when I mowed the lawn! Now they're all green!"

Mick: "Dude. You have a bad case of mowtoe."

Example 2:

Paul: "Dude, what's with the green on your Chuckie T's?"

Tim: "I couldn't find my work boots, so I had to wear these shoes to mow the lawn. I hate mowtoe."
by mixgochix May 26, 2011
The Sunday night moment when your school age child admits/discovers that their science/geography/history project that has been in the works for months isn't really nearly as far along as the parent thought and now requires NASA level teamwork and at least one trip to a store for missing materials.
Liz: "Susan, why so tired today?"

The Mom: "Projectopolypse last night. Audrey's geography presentation that we had been assured was 'almost done' for the past month had barely been started."
by mixgochix December 01, 2011
The ligature marks or rings left from wearing business socks or other socks that are too tight at the top.
Andrew: What is wrong with your calves? You have rings around them.

Daniel: Oh, those are soxstriction marks from my new socks Mom bought me for Christmas. They go away after about 25 minutes.
by mixgochix November 14, 2011
The crazy loud noise from even a single glass item being put into the glass recycle bin. Cooler night air apparently increases the range so that a single beer bottle thrown in the bin after 9 p.m. can be heard well over 800 yards away.
Dario: "Hey, why are all these bottles on the counter? Are you saving them for something?"

Katy: "No, I just didn't want the neighbors to hear the recyclink this late at night. Kids have school tomorrow."
by mixgochix December 14, 2011
Sluck is the combination of snow and sleet that accumulates underneath the wheel wells and bumpers of semi-trailer trucks on the interstate during winter storms that always seem to let loose as you are passing them going 60 MPH.
Royce: Well, I'm glad the snowstorm seems to have let up. The road is clear enough to drive a little faster now.

Tom: Yeah we should be able to make it to Chicago pretty close to when we thought we would.

(Car passes a Semi trailer truck and "splat")

Royce: Wow, that was a lot of sluck from that semi. I'm glad the wipers are still working.
by mixgochix October 06, 2011

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