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best rapper alive? best crapper alive, more like.

that was a terrible rhyme, but for comparison, it was better than any of lil wayne's.

he used the legendary 'baby picture' cover, only used before by rap legends nas (illmatic) and the notorious big (ready to die). this is a display of unbelievable arrogance.

plus, he has lost the original message of hip hop. grandmaster flash, run DMC, these guys were talking about life in the ghetto, the oppression of blacks today. lil wayne is spewing raps about money and cars and now every 8 year old is more concerned about getting a ferrari and some 'hot hoes' than learning the history of their race.
who's this new kid on tha block- lil wayne?
man, give up- in 10 years, no one will remember your reign
in 10 years, everyone will be laughing at your name
you suck so bad at rap, please abstain
bringing legends like pac and biggie shame

you think you're the best alive?
how many good entries abuot you on urban dictionary- not even five!

that alone is better than the whole tha carter iii, and i wrote that in about 5 minutes.
by mitchill May 04, 2009

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