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A unique type of douche. He as well as being a douche possesses many of the characteristics of Urban Meyer.

An arrogant middle aged man with the maturity of a frat boy.

Someone willing to say anything to get their way. ( lying to recruits)

Someone who runs up the score on lesser competition to feed his already massive ego.

Someone who thinks of himself as a genius while no one else does.

Someone who cries foul when his tactics are used against him.

Also a term describing an inappropriate male on male relationship between a coach and his star player.
That guy is such a douchemeyer for beating praireview a&m 70-3.

I think coach pulled a douchemeyer on little timmy.
by mitch guist May 07, 2013
Thin, dark colored, unkempt mustache worn by men in there 50's whose beards never fully developed
Dude, you should shave off that mustanch.
by mitch guist May 03, 2013
The act of using an apartment balcony as a toilet. Letting the raw sewage flow down on the neighbors below you. If the volume is large enough it can have the appearance of a waterfall. Repeated use will cause the patio furniture to rust changing the flow to a rusty orange color. Most often used by Frat boys and major douchebags.
My upstairs neighbor was too lazy to go walk to the bathroom and used the apartment outhouse.
by mitch guist May 24, 2013

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