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Niagara Falls, Ontario:
A thriving, affluent city of 80,000 people with casinos, hotels, high rise buildings and good nightlife. It surpasses its American neighbor, Niagara Falls, New York due to a more vibrant tourism industry which was largely built up in the 1990s, and a stronger economy. Niagara Falls, Ontario also has a better view of the falls.

Niagara Falls, New York:
A Rust Belt city remotely resembling the nearby city of Buffalo, New York in a region known as Buffalo-Niagara. The area originally had several chemical plants and industries, due to the vast power of the Niagara River, but now has a high unemployment rate of about 12% and a failing economy. It is the site of Love Canal, one of the worst pollution disasters in US history. At its peak it boasted well over 100,000 people but has since declined to nearly half of that. It falls behind its Canadian neighbor, which has a much stronger economy and a vibrant tourism industry.
Child: Are we going on vacation in Niagara Falls, NY?
Parent: Hell, no! We're going to Niagara Falls, Ontario!
by mistress silence dogood May 25, 2010

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