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(n)- Term used to describe someone you love/feel physically or emotionally attached too, used often in Rhode Island.

derived from local celebrity that everyone seems to love in Cranston Rhode Island, Hannah Schram
usually contracted into one word
best pronounced with a Cranstonian accent
Yo look at dat hawt chick yo shes MINE and dawg aint she one helluva HannahSchram.
by misterwho3 June 22, 2011
How one would pronounce their name in the most Justin-Bieberly manner possible.

To jbiebsify your name:
1) take the first letter of your first name
2) take the first syllable of your last name, and pluralize it
"Whats your name?"
"John Smith."
"You should jbiebsify it."
"J Smits?"
"Congratulations! Now you can surround yourself in a world of teen angst."
"Yea dawg... I hate the biebs..."

by misterwho3 June 22, 2011

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