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16 definitions by misterpoops

an ever changing word. It can mean many things. Poops referring to a girl is not necessarily to have a form of sex with. To poops a girl can mean different things in and of itself. It can mean that the girl is cute, that you did do something with them, that you would do something with them, etc. Someone’s poops is someone that they’re dating or hooking up with. To poops somewhere is to go somewhere. To say “yo poops” or any variation of it is a greeting to a fellow poopser.

Then poops has other words derived off of it.
"Would you poops?"
"What up poops"
"Poops out."
"I poopsed it."
"Lets poops to class."
by MisterPoops January 19, 2009
This is the act of having a girl take a volume of butter and rubbing your balls with it. It can be used figuratively though, as in, “Dude, she just buttered my balls” meaning any sort of pleasure was given to your genitals.
"Did your girlfriend Butter Your Balls yet?"
by MisterPoops January 25, 2009
A response for when a person is really into whatever they’re talking about. They don’t need to be getting super excited about it, but in their head they need to calm down with whatever it is.
Cory: Dude have you seen the new episode of Entourage? Its so funny. The characters all get laid at once.
Niel: Calm Down, You’re going nuts
by MisterPoops January 25, 2009
a combination of the girl’s current poopsability with her poopalarity. This value can never be 1 or 10, but is judged on a 1-10 scale.
John: She's not that hot.
Sean: Yea but she's decent, and she's got potential. I'd give her a 7 in poopalality.
by MisterPoops January 19, 2009
When a person is getting super excited. Sometimes calm down and relacks are interchangeable, but someone can just be getting really angry over nothing and need to relacks.
John: Relacks, I was just comforting her because her dog died.
by MisterPoops January 25, 2009
someone in some form of relationship with a worthy (or poopsable) girl.
"You are the superpoops now. I'm just your sidepoops."
by MisterPoops January 19, 2009
Sometimes interchangeable with Tucheansele, but shake my hand has to be for some good statement while Tucheansele can be for anything that was powerful, even if it insulted you.
Manny: The good trails are that way.
Alex: Shake My Hand.
by MisterPoops January 25, 2009