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20 definitions by mistercity

A mix of a prep and a chonga. Usually caught wearing white brazilian pants, a sequin belt, an XS Hollister polo, and a fake Coach bag from the island stands in the mall, the fleamarket, or Payless.

Preppy Chonga = Pronga

Term created by Melissa, leader of LAC.
"YoOo0oOo0 yoO LuK pr3pii!YoO @ Pronga ?"

"ii'M @ pr3p$teR n0OooW! I luuB P@ri$z HiiLt()n & P@niiC @ dA Diii$c()! ! EbEnq mAh m()m $aiiD ii L0oK pR3pPii ! :D"

"iiqHt L3t$z` g() b3@t $uM h03``sZ uP && $m0K3 wUn"
by Mistercity July 03, 2006
10 2
Hilarious electro song by Avenue D about a vibrator.
"Batteries included no assembly required
you can stick it in your booty when your pussy gets tired.
Orgasmatron, Orgasmatron,"
by MisterCity April 26, 2006
27 19
Sexual arousal from being buried alive.

See paraphilia.
Taphephilia is a bizarre sexual practice.
by Mistercity August 06, 2006
8 5
Somebody who is a vicious eater.
"Dang that bitch eats like a beast!"
by MisterCity April 26, 2006
19 22
A Mexican name
sometimes Ecuadorian or Honduran.
"Hola chamita mi nombre es Guillermo!"
by MisterCity April 26, 2006
97 137
A Rap/Hip Hop song performed by Pitbull
"If you don't know her name it's cool call her this:
Jiggy jiggy, call that girl bojangles. "
by MisterCity April 26, 2006
308 464