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Anything related to paraphilia.

See paraphilia.
There are alot of odd paraphilias and bizarre sexual practices.
by Mistercity August 06, 2006
A mix of a prep and a chonga. Usually caught wearing white brazilian pants, a sequin belt, an XS Hollister polo, and a fake Coach bag from the island stands in the mall, the fleamarket, or Payless.

Preppy Chonga = Pronga

Term created by Melissa, leader of LAC.
"YoOo0oOo0 yoO LuK pr3pii!YoO @ Pronga ?"

"ii'M @ pr3p$teR n0OooW! I luuB P@ri$z HiiLt()n & P@niiC @ dA Diii$c()! ! EbEnq mAh m()m $aiiD ii L0oK pR3pPii ! :D"

"iiqHt L3t$z` g() b3@t $uM h03``sZ uP && $m0K3 wUn"
by Mistercity July 03, 2006
Sexual arousal from being buried alive.

See paraphilia.
Taphephilia is a bizarre sexual practice.
by Mistercity August 06, 2006
Somebody who is a vicious eater.
"Dang that bitch eats like a beast!"
by MisterCity April 26, 2006
A Mexican name
sometimes Ecuadorian or Honduran.
"Hola chamita mi nombre es Guillermo!"
by MisterCity April 26, 2006
A Rap/Hip Hop song performed by Pitbull
"If you don't know her name it's cool call her this:
Jiggy jiggy, call that girl bojangles. "
by MisterCity April 26, 2006

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