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7 definitions by mister moosecock

look at the sweater stretchers on that lady.
by mister moosecock October 23, 2011
When you have a pimple on one of your man danglers.
man #1 UUUGGGHHH dude my left ball is soooo sore
man #2 is there a pimple on it?
man #1 ya?
man #2 oooooh, why didn't you just say it was a nut balloon
man #1 nut balloon?
man #2 ya, it's a pimple in your balls
by mister moosecock January 24, 2012
When you are on your lap top (has to be on your lap) and you get a huge boner and the laptop shoots off your lap and crashes.
dude#1 check your facebook.
dude#2 i cant
dude#1 it crashed due to a severe lap springer

dudu#2 oh shit, that sucks, but i heard some insurance companies cover laps pringers.
by mister moosecock November 05, 2011
the act of sticking your whole head in a girl's vaginal cavity and eating her out, while also letting a spiritual figure (a ghost) lick her ass.
i just gave your sister a pac-man
by mister moosecock October 23, 2011
The act of double fingering a lady over the age of 60, with peanut butter on one finger and jelly on the other.
Dude, i just gave your grandma a flinboppler blast.
by mister moosecock October 24, 2011
The act of a women giving oral sex, but instead of spitting or swallowing she just lets her moth fill up with the mans cum.
Dude, your girl just gave me a gas tank.
by mister moosecock October 23, 2011
A penis that will not become erect for any one (or thing) accept your own hand.
guy #1- hey.
guy #2- what.
guy#1- i got a nasty case of lazy dick
guy #2 ah man, that sucks. Joe got lazy dick a month ago and still has not fully recovered
by mister moosecock October 23, 2011