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1. (v) discharge a firearm
2. (v)ejaculate
3. (n) loud explosion
4. (n) great time
1. fool tried to gank my wallet, so i had to blast him.
2. one false move and i will blast like the very first time...oh lord; i told you not to move, you dumb broad!
3. did you hear that blast come from over there?
4. i had a blast at your moms house last night.
by mister ill May 19, 2003
chump, mark
"you had to fuck that lobster head-ass nigga...i should have slapped you...but the god said CHIIILL..."
by mister ill May 09, 2003
shoot with firearm
act up, get clapped up.
by mister ill May 19, 2003

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