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smuggling drugs in your bum...the actual drugs are called keester eggs or stuffed dumplings
by mister fister October 02, 2003
term that has two meanings:
taking a shit
inserting a tampon
hey bra, pull to the taxathon..i gotta shoot the duke

hey sally, do you have a bullet...i gotta shoot the duke
by mister fister October 02, 2003
It is politicaly incorrect to assign a gender to an unknown person. So this is the Unisex version of identifying an un-known person. It is the simplification of three words into one.
As you serve the meal to himorher remember to be courtious and ask if there is any more you can do.
by Mister Fister June 02, 2004
One day my favorite cock puppet's gully hole was, for some reason, made of illegitimate mexican immigrant children that had no feet. I tried raping her to death, but to no avail. It was like throwing a cocktail weanie in to an aquaduct. So I gave up. I made her see Dr. Kavorkian about getting her pussy put to sleep.
The vaginati encourages their elite to undergo vaginoplasty as it makes their feet smell like whitefish. :)
by Mister Fister March 02, 2005

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