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13 definitions by mister toad

When respondents over sixty reported they could quit their jobs if they would no longer need a job, just for the Health Care it provided, Republicans decided that the new health care plan could be considered a "Job Killer".
Never mind that there would be six million jobs to then fill.........admitting that the job loss would be with lobbyists, they refused to reconsider their "Job Killing" labels and drop their attacks on decent health care for deserving Americans.

If a tax reduction plan sponsored by Republicans is, by definition, a job creating bill, we must all be as naive as sheep awaiting slaughter.
Reporter; "I hope those listening understand when the Republicans say “job killing” they simply mean that any bill sponsored by Democrats that turns out to be successful would kill jobs of lobbyists for the healthcare industry. So, if you care about America, if you care about creating jobs for healthcare lobbyists, support the job-killing bill which ends health care and thus places more people at the mercy of healthcare companies. Right?"

Rush L.; "Makes perfect sense to me...now shut up and let me go back to confusing my listeners. MORON!" 'click'

Reporter; "job killing Republicans"
by Mister Toad March 01, 2011
This is a question which applies to a real backwoods family situation. Not just a matter of supremacy anymore, but which of these males did your mama do the nasty with when you were procreated?
Ester; Ya'll dun wish you cud hav sum o dis?

Lem; Wull shu, dat wuld real sp'eechal, s'ept I'd hav tu ast, "who's yer pappy?" cuz we mought well be bruth'r an sis.

Ester; Shiet, that's eaaasy, thet salesman dun hit the road wif a v'ngence when Grandad ketched em wit my maw. Ain not gots tu wury, thur's his nuts stil cling'n tu a nail!
by Mister Toad March 07, 2011
Gobs of frozen road slush that build up under a car and finally fall off, onto the street or parking area.
Mom; Junior, your roadcicles are laying all over the drive, will you clean them off?

Junior; Mom, that sounds like work! Can't we just wait till they thaw? Ouch! Hey, quit smacking me, I'm going...
by Mister Toad December 18, 2010
The nasty ice boot that sticks to the wheelwell of your car, especially where it fill the massive rustholes there.
Old Dude; Those rustluks seem to be covering the caping holes in the carbody.

Young Dude; I thought it was warming up in here. Cool!
by Mister Toad December 18, 2010
SQUANDARY; A combination of the words quandary and squander. A waste of epic proportions. Warter torture, bare foot on hot sand, Abu Graib type screwups.
The 'T' party did such a good job of getting their base riled up over the economy that they really had no idea what a SQUANDARY they would be in once the monkey was on their backs. Guess we will see what they have to say in two years when they are part of the do-nothing, Washington, please-relect-me system???
by Mister Toad February 13, 2011
DIJF?, Did I just fart?; A retorical question that often follows a room clearing event. Also a situation where the total unpopularity of a person might leave them with the notion that a stinker must be present.

Alternate applications may include;
DIJS-T?; Did I just shit?
DIJP-K?; Did I just puke?
DIJO-G?; Did I just orgasm?
DIJD-I?; Did I just die?
as the case may be...
Lee; Man, I was down at the town hall meeting and suddenly right in mid sentance, there's like, nobody listening. So I turn around and theres almost no one in the entire room.
Tony; Happens to me all the time. Right when I'm in the middle of a great rant, it's like solo-meo time.
Lee; So I'm wondering, Did I just fart?
Tony; Yeah well next time let one just for the satisfaction, get your DIJF? worth.
by Mister Toad February 13, 2011