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What results from the act of striking a mailbox with a bat or golf club so hard that it flies through the air. It goes "sailing" through the air, hence, "sailbox."
We drove by Trent's house last night with the crowbar, and SLAM! Sailbox!
by Mister Man the Guy September 22, 2004
A person of low moral character, a complete bastard or spiteful individual.
That politician...what a picadilly schenkfucker.
by Mister Man the Guy September 21, 2004
A general proclamation, usually used when you are without proper riposte to another's previous statement. Thought to be from the ancient Mesopotamian "oh so Klondike" which, of course, means "How stupid can you be?"
James: "Damn, I just OWNED you on Halo! How do you like me NOW?"
Jason: "......ooda soh clonndiktu."
by Mister Man the Guy September 23, 2004
The sound produced by a license plate being forcibly removed from a vehicle.
My plates weren't on so good, and when I hit that bump, GRANK, off they went.
by Mister Man the Guy September 21, 2004

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