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Quoted from Milton Waddams in Office Space.

Now seen (and parodied heavily) by the site that gave you You're The Man Now Dog
I believe you have my stapler?
by Mister Ignorant June 18, 2004
True awesomeness.
Listen to Albuquerque by Weird Al, that's a 10 minute classic.
by Mister Ignorant June 30, 2004
Pure awesomeness ... except for Tuxedo.
"Howdy parner!"
by Mister Ignorant May 17, 2004
Should be shot.
Please shoot Lizzie McGuire.
by Mister Ignorant April 23, 2004
A joke ... but we like it anyway!

Highlights of 2004's Eurovision song contest:

- Satelite feed of woman blowing her nose
- Xena Warrior Princesses from Ukraine winning
- UK getting more than 0 this year (hurray!)
Best served with Terry Wogan
by Mister Ignorant May 17, 2004
To pull a Kevin Nash is to tear your quad by simply walking.
Man that guy just tore his quad by walking, what a Kevin Nash!
by Mister Ignorant May 01, 2004
A term you refer to when a situation requested by someone has been already done on The Simpsons.

Derives from South Park.
"How about we split the UrbanDictionary into two websites to adapt to the new area code?"
"Simpsons did it!"
by Mister Ignorant May 11, 2004
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