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Plugging your keyboard into someone’s computer next to or in front of you in computer apps. When they go to type, you type something to them to freak them out.
Did you see Allie's face when I pulled the old keyboard switch? What a retard.
by Mister D November 16, 2004
When two guys play pong with their wieners
Matt: I get pretty hard when i play wiener pong with rob.
Rob: I told you not to tell anybody!
by Mister D October 19, 2004
Only a true man shaves his webbles.
Rob: Do you know how much that itches?..i hear.
Devon: You hear?
by Mister D November 23, 2004
When one pulls the big black cord out of another's computer, resulting in power failure and a pissed off victim. This technique allows one to elimintate all unsaved data in computer apps.
Chris: Oh, SHIT! My lucky dime fell behind anal romer's computer.
Anal: Don't even try it!
by Mister D December 17, 2004
a vagina that has a clitoris resembling the head of a penis
Paginas are strange.
by Mister D October 18, 2004
1. A muffin that someone sperminated before putting in the oven
2. A dickhead
1. Joe likes cock muffins with extra cum.
2. Joe is a pretty big cock muffin.
by Mister D October 20, 2004

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