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1. A freshman who only has upper classman friends (positive)
2. A sophmore who is still treated like a freshman (negative)
1. Devon is a froshmore.
2. Joe is a froshmore.
by Mister D October 30, 2004
The easiest class in WHS.
When the teacher is on the other side of the room everyone plays GaYmes, yes that is games with a y. Other activites during computer apps class include but are not limited to: Checking email, instant messaging, and paint.

Note: Only complete retards get caught playing gaYmes in computer apps.
mikegldi2: Hello number 5 have you seen number 2 lately?
mikegldi5: Go the fuck away!

Instant messaging during computer apps is fun.
by Mister D October 14, 2004
When someone says your dick is three inches you reply, "Yeah, from the ground!"
Matt: Your dick is three inches.
Devon: Yeah, from the ground!
by Mister D October 15, 2004
Using the numbers on phones to decode curse words

Ex: 286 = cum
I'm gonna 2-8-6 all over your face! That's right, I'm gonna 2-8-6 all over your face!
by Mister D October 18, 2004
The unit you use to pee and do the nasty.
Either male or female.

abbreviation: ppp
Guy: Wanna touch my pee pee place?
Girl: Well if you put it that way, i'll do more than touch.
by Mister D October 18, 2004
To drench someone in sperm
Rob: Check out that ass! I would totally sperminate her any day of the week!
Matt: HAHAHAHAHA, your chances with her are slim to none.
by Mister D October 20, 2004
Kevin, a kid on my bus.

After the summer vacation he showed no change in apperance, height, or weight. It was amazing.
Me: Hey kevin, the boy who never changed, sleep-overs are fun!

Kevin: Was I talking to you? NO.
by Mister D December 03, 2004
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