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a greb is a cross between a townie and a emo atlist thats wot they are were i come from now alot of these posts on grebs are just to get at townies (or chavs as u like to call them but thaere not chave townies are just normal lads or girls who like brand clothing and traners eg.nike adidas LRG and that like me.)now a greb from leicester is somone who carnt decide wether to be a townie or a emo so they do both they were werd cloths with dodgy cullers that are still brand names and think there ard but cunt punch there way out ov a paper bag trust me iv skraped lodes in other words they are just like chavs but with a wider vocabulery.
grebb:im difrent cuz i were difrent cloths

townie:y carnt u deside wot to be

emo:same as abuv
by mista jallen March 14, 2008

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