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a word that racists use. not to be confused with "nigga", a term used amongst blacks only, nigger is an ignorant reference to black people. often attempted to be justified by explaining characteristics of thugs in general, regardless of race. "nigger" is a specific dislike for these people because they are black. NOTE: blacks do not use this term, but instead say "nigga". this stems from slang that most black people are comfortable using with each other. most phraseology today copies this form of slang that replaces "er" with "a", a more relaxed pronunciation. even older blacks use the term "negro" before "nigger".

argued to be a double-standard in the world of racial slurs. this is failing to consider the years of slavery/dehumanization/murder/rape/kidnapping from africa that whites have put blacks through. when a white person says "nigger", blacks think of that debt that can never be repaid when a black person says "cracker" it is simply a reaction to the dislike/distrust for whites, based on slavery, politics, and everyday racism that blacks endure. it would only be a double-standard if blacks made whites into slaves. it is truly a deep term that should best be left alone by white people. "nigger" is immediately understood as racism, and "nigga" is something that another race simply could never relate to.
1.)white person: "niggers need to learn how to speak like normal people"
black person: "crackers need to learn how to speak like normal people"

2.)white girl: "what's up, my nigger?"
black girl: "the fuck did she just say??"

3a.)old white man: "steer clear from them niggers in the streets!"
3b.)old black man: "that negro better have his tail home in time for supper"
by missxspencer1 April 11, 2011

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