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Located in North Jersey, with a population of 13,281, the town of Roselle Park is definitely the best in Union County and all of Jersey. This town is full of drama, betrayal, hook-ups, crazy love triangles, hot girls and even hotter guys. The girls of Roselle Park are the hottest girls around, they have awesome fashion sense, they are very original, honest, sweet and drop dead gorgeous. The guys of RP are the hottest guys in Jersey, they are fun, outgoing and down for anything!! TRUST ME: RP knows how to have a good time; we pre-game harder than you could party!!! Roselle Park is the best small town ever; it’s definitely better than Laguna Beach!
HOT RP CHICK- so what’s going on tonight
RP DUDE- it’s going down at Luis’s
HOT RP CHICK- I’m there, I get so fucked up at his parties!
RP DUDE- hell yea, I’m gonna bring lots of alcohol, you know that’s how we roll
by misss new boooty August 24, 2006

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